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Reading Between The Lines


Reading Between the Linesは、英訳された日本人作家の著書を特集しています。ホストを務めてくださる吉川ゆりなさんはライター/書評家でいらっしゃいます。特集する本より彼女が抜粋した箇所をじっくりと読み、その後対話形式のディスカッションが行われます。 今後のイベントと以前取り上げられた作品とイベント動画は下記をご参照ください。 

ホスト 好川友里奈さんの紹介: コロンビア大学でMFAを取得し、The Porch Writers’ Collectiveでフィクションとノンフィクションの執筆指導を行う。 彼女の執筆は The Tennessean、The Japan Times、Lit Hubなどに掲載。The 2020 Tennessee True Stories Contestで優勝、2021 年にはテネシー州芸術委員会より受賞。 夫と 2 人の息子とナッシュビル在住。活動の詳細はこちら


The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ozawa

Translated by Stephen Snyder

April 11, 2023

This beautiful short novel is about a delicate friendship between a housekeeper and a mathematician whose memory only lasts 80 minutes. The book has several memorable scenes featuring cherry blossoms, and there are cherry blossoms on the book cover does as well!

A perfect way to kick off Japan Week, for those planning to attend the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday, April 15th.

Where the Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda

Translated by Polly Barton

February 7, 2023

On February 7, Yurina will explore Where the Wild Ladies Are by AokoMatsuda, published and translated in early 2020. This book is a collection of feminist retellings of Japanese folktales where humans live side by side with spirits who provide a variety of useful services—from truth-telling to babysitting, from protecting castles to fighting crime.

View the conversation on YouTube, here

Dead-End Memories by Banana Yoshimoto

Translated by Asa Yoneda

September 27, 2022

Dead-End Memories is a collection of 5 short stories featuring women who, following sudden and painful events, quietly discover their ways back to recovery. It will also, in Yurina’s words in a recently published NPR article, “make readers especially hungry for Japanese food”. Read more of Yurina’s review on NPR here.

View the conversation on YouTube, here

Scattered All Over The Earth by Yoko Tawada

Translated by Margaret Mitsutani

May 24, 2022

This book imagines a dystopian future in which Japan no longer exists and a Japanese woman who goes on a journey throughout Europe to find someone who can speak with her in her native tongue. 

View the conversation on YouTube, here

How Do You Live? by Genzaburo Yoshino

Translated by Bruno Navasky

March 3, 2022

How Do You Live? by Genzaburo Yoshino is a unique coming-of-age novel centered around a 15-year-old boy and his musings on science, friendship, and bravery. This uplifting story is being adapted into a feature film by Hayao Miyazaki. 

View the conversation on YouTube, here


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