Special E-Bulletin 

To our Valued Members and Friends:

In view of the dramatic turn our lives have taken as we confront the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all of us at JAST share a particular concern for our friends, neighbors and partners in the Japanese-speaking communities across Tennessee.

In response, on March 18th, we launched a State and Regional Updates page in Japanese on the JAST website (www.jastn.org).  The purpose of this resource is to direct Tennesee residents who speak Japanese as their primary language to credible sources of state, regional, and local information about current public health directives and developments, and other timely updates.

As we work to build and expand upon bridges of communication between Japanese and American residents, companies and organizations, JAST also has a key role as a clearinghouse for relevant information, both to our members and the general public.         

If you are a Japanese resident in Tennessee, we hope you find this new resource to be of value. We also invite your comments and suggestions as to how we can make it better and more relevant for you.

We further hope that each of our members and friends will share this resource among the Tennessee residents who speak Japanese as their primary language in their respective personal and professional networks.

With thanks once again for your continued support, we promise to do our best to stay in touch now and in the days to come. In sending heartfelt best wishes for the well-being of you and your families, we are hopeful that by taking responsive and compassionate action, our resilient communities will overcome the challenges ahead, together.


Bob Booker

Board Chair, Japan-America Society of Tennessee